The Party Favor

Day 4! Hello, I sure hate to say goodbye to this beautiful day in Michigan. This is defiantly an Indian Summer. It was wonderful for running my errands.

How many of you belong to a “Bunco” group? The game while fun is secondary to getting a group of friends together and entertaining at home. Our group meets monthly and players take turns hosting. It can be as simple or ornate an affair as the group wants. I’ve always preferred entertaining at home rather then going “out”. Given the schedule, it provides an outlet for experimenting with decorating and snacks.

This month is my turn to host (Yeah!!). I try to finagle October in order to provide more of an excuse to decorate for Halloween (as if I needed one).


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  1. "Pick your poison." Very cute!

  2. So cute...my favorite holiday of the season is Halloween! No stress, just fun. Thanks for sharing Shannon!