Dinner on the patio

After enjoying, the evening on our neighbor’s deck last night, I decided the outdoor dining at the Truffle Inn should be up and running. Therefore, I set a table and served outside. The both of us enjoyed it! Mr. & Mrs. Mosquito showed up uninvited, how rude! Mr. Truffle has been working a lot. Therefore, dinner was somewhat late but oh, so much fun!


Unfinished craft room.

Ok, as promised here is a peek at my craft room. This is where I like to go and be alone. I have spent nights in here working on different projects and love this space. However, I’ts time to choose a color and get the walls painted. Therefore, if you have any suggestions or ideas, I would love to hear from you!


The unfinished craft room

This Blog has been put on hold till I get my household chores finished up. I need to run out and do a few errands but I shall return. Hope to see you soon! It’s a fabulous day here in Michigan…how about where you are?


Stay tuned to see my craft room….


cooking, weekend

Hello everyone, I hope that your weekend brings you sunshine and happiness! Here in Michigan, Mother nature is being finicky, she can’t seem to make up her mind, rain, partly sunny or just plain dark and cold! I was thinking I would take advantage of some indoor time and bake a cake for Mr. Truffle. He was quite pleased with my efforts, and expressed his happiness by cleaning up the kitchen. What a guy!


Season finale

If your seeking to add some adventure in your life, follow me & learn to make everyday activities into something fun! Last Sunday we were excited to watch the season finale of one of our favorite TV programs. So I served our dinner in a different spot and added some festivities to the evening. Shop your home for props, you would be surprised with a small amount of imagination, what you will come up with.


Spring planting

It’s a beautiful day here in Michigan. I already feel behind due to all of the rain we’ve had. The greenhouse is calling my name, but I must wait for the weekend. I can’t imagine why Mr. truffle wants to go with? Perhaps he wants to keep an eye out for the budget! This is my start for gardening. Enjoy~

Time to spring into planting


Tea Party cont...

I only purchased 1 bunch of flowers. I split them up and used them through out my party. I wish I would have had more, but I make the most with what I have! Each table setting is a tad different. The variety of different cups makes for fun conversation and helps you decide where you want to sit. (you tend to choose your favorite tea cup) I also like to do a buffet. This way people can get up and move around. Join in on different conversations.

Tea Party cont...

The ladies have already asked if I see another tea party in the future. I'm thinking a monthly tea that we all take turn to host would be fun!

When I decided to host the tea, I knew I needed to find some items that I didn’t already have. I scouted a few thrift stores, S.A. and C.L. I came across some pretty linens, however they were not very fresh looking, or company worthy. I did my research and found some great products for whitening and brightening . (vinegar soak, followed by treating them with Mrs. Stewarts’’ bluing.)

My neighbors were wonderful guest! They showed up all lady like, hat, gloves and all.

Tea Party cont...

Each Guest that attended the party was asked to bring a box of tea that they enjoyed. I had them place a tea bag in each of the party bags. I also gifted each lady with her own little tea pot. This was a nice way for everyone to try all of the teas at home.


Tea Party cont...

I was taught how to make gift bags by a talented Blogger friend .She is way more creative than myself!!! Anyhow, they are fun and inexpensive to make.
I hung tea pot's from the chandelier. (they were purchased @ the dollar store)
Stacks of cook books are under 3 yard of fabric. Look for remnants that go with your color sceme. You can always use table cloths, sheets etc. Go and shop around your home and see what you have!

Tea Party cont...

This is set up the night before. I will need the time tomorrow for food and last minute happenings.
I usually figure out my theme, how many guests and what colors I wanna work with first. Lot's of lists that keep me on track. (oh, and a budget)


Tea Party cont...

When I have a party I like to prepare as much as I possibly can the night before. I even set the tables and get the buffet, serving pieces, and beverage area ready. Detail is key, and proper planning a must!

Tea party

Hi All,

When was the last time you and your favorite group of people got together for a tea party? A tea can be small, or a larger gathering and a great way to spend some time with your friends. I'm going to show you the afternoon that I hosted for my neighbors. It was a fun time had by all! Please grab your favorite cup of tea and join me on this journey!

Joining the crowd.

Hello to anyone who may pass this way. I'm by no means am a seasoned blogger and I'm wondering what on earth I will write about? I hope you find something of interest or at least something that makes you smile. I have spent so many hours reading other blogs and figured I would give it a whirl. Enjoy my pics. and my little piece of sharing!

Thanks for stopping by!