Motor City Monday # 6

Motor City Monday fell on Memorial Day:

It’s a holiday, though a sad one. We’ve kept close to home this weekend. We had a nice barbeque and a walk around the neighborhood. I hope you all have had a pleasant weekend.

The weekend marks the beginning of summer; we anticipate picnics, travel, and firing up the grille with friends. I’ll try to make it interesting and will share some of my favorite summer treats with you.

How did you spend your holiday?



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Pre Memorial Day

Mr. Truffle and I will be BBQing and engaging in the traditional Memorial Day activities. Here's a peek of the past.

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Pretty Food

Wordless Wed: Food Fabulous Food

Fresh Fruit.

Delicious toppings.

Hand Crafted.

A Summer Favorite.



Tender Chick.

Healthy Plate.

Grape Juice.

Sweet Finish.

Glazed Over.

Tasty Desserts.

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Wedding Scrapbooking

Motor City Monday Errands…..


I was late, for a very important date. Actually an anniversary. A year ago a wonderful young couple married. I’ve been friends with Mom for longer then I will admit (remember bellbottoms?).

I completed a scrap book of their wedding and had to get it out today; so it was up, up and away first thing this morning to FedEx.

Take a quick look with me at how I tried to make the book special for them. Note the colors, texture and lines within the pages.

Aren’t they a cute couple! Anne was a knock-out in her figure flattering dress. Isn’t Glen the lucky guy? The food was five-star and the music would have done Motown proud.





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Here’s the scoop, I normally don’t use coupons. There’s the gluten issue, but more importantly, we try to shop for ingredients to cook rather then processed foods or prepared meals.

I receive coupon offers via e-mail. Normally they are ignored, but last week I decided to respond to a regional supermarket’s offer and what a pleasant surprise.

This is the story of modern marketing. You see sale items at this store are only honored if you use their store issued card at time of purchase. It is a tool which the market uses to compile information on who shops at which of their stores and monitors what the customer’s preferences are.

My response to the supermarket brought a pile of store issued coupons on items I normally purchase. Much nicer then looking at the Sunday paper hoping to find a coupon for what you need for the week.




Please join me over at the Tip Junkie’s “Tip me Tuesday.”

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Bad Moon Rising

Motor City Monday came early this week……

Now I know that I said I would be traveling on Mondays to find the interesting and unusual, however, what I saw Saturday night was too spectacular to pass by. Join me looking through my camera lens at our neighbor.


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Cheese Straws

Today’s Recipe:

A tasty appetizer,


1 lb. puff pastry dough

1 egg, beaten with 1 teaspoon water

¾ cup grated dry cheese, like Parmesan or aged Gouda

¾ cup almonds, chopped

Flour for dusting

Thaw pastry overnight in refrigerator or 40 minutes at room temperature. Unfold pastry sheets on a lightly floured surface. With the shorter side facing you, roll out each sheet to 12 by 12 inches. Cut each sheet in half, lengthwise.

Brush dough with egg mix and sprinkle with an even coating of cheese and almonds. With rolling pin, lightly press the mixture into the dough. Cut each half crosswise into ¾-inch strips. Place on parchment lined baking sheets and refrigerate for 30 minutes before baking.


Bake at 400 F for 9 to 10 minutes, or until light brown and crisp. Makes about 96 straws.

Let me know how they came out. Mine were yummy!



The parties I’m joining this week are:


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