Capresse Salad

This is a fast, easy, tasty appetizer or salad entrée. I like to serve it up with my pasta dinners.


Fresh tomato, sliced

Buffalo Mozzarella cheese

Bed of lettuce (I use romaine & spring mix, but anything will work)

Fresh grated parmesan cheese

Balsamic vinegar

Olive oil

Fresh basil

Course fresh ground black pepper


Simply layer starting with the lettuce, then tomato, mozzarella, parmesan, basil, then seasonings. Top off with olive oil & balsamic vinegar.

Serve with rolls or bread

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Motor City Monday

The road to happiness:

I was feeling that today’s venture was not very fabulous. Grocery shopping, post office, gas and a few other errands. Then I had a “Moment“. What was I thinking? I was where I wanted to be. I was where I was supposed to be, doing what a modern homemaker does. I was bonding with my responsibilities in life and nothing is better then doing what you love.

Good luck all!

Please join me over at the Tablescaper.


Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk:
Sounds juicy! When did we outgrow slumber parties…?? How many of you have fond memories of some great evenings filled with boy talk, snacks, boy talk, games, boy talk, pillow fights and more boy talk? While on FB, I came across a group of young ladies (one of my friend’s daughters) who were having a slumber party with their besties and babies. It got me to thinking….time to break the rules and have a good old-fashioned slumber party. I will keep you posted.
Good luck all!
Please join me over at the Tablescaper.

PS.  Photos courtesy of Gotta Scrap Inn, Manchester, Michigan.


Wonderful Weekday at Gotta Scrap Inn

What a wonderful weekday to spend…:

My tools.

I’ve just had the best Wednesday. I took a day off and road tripped to Manchester, Michigan. Gotta Scrap Inn was my destination. Scrap booking provides a relaxing outlet for me. What does it for you? Do you have any passions?


The parties I’m joining this week are:


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Mrs. Truffles Debut.

An introduction:

Hi all, I am Mrs. Truffle. Tonight is my first night out, but before we start, a thank-you to very talented Marty G. of Stuart, Florida for my new look.

And now, let me introduce myself. I’m a stay-at-home housewife, but of a modern vintage. I enjoy cooking and entertaining and think of myself as a Midwestern Martha Stewart.

I have created this space to share my joy of life and share ideas in cooking, decorating and entertaining. As always, your thoughts and comments are valued.

Please come by often, we will be sharing photos, scrapbook ideas, cupcake recipes and tablescapes.




Motor City Monday

And off we go on another Motor City Monday!

Start your engine and follow my path as I blaze through the community. Do you enjoy taking a drive just to see what you can see?

Today’s venture was rather short due to Michigan’s spring weather. Though I am pleased I took the time to get out. I really enjoyed seeing the beautiful bright yellow tulips swaying in the wind.


Though very sunny, Mr. Wind was really blowing and howling today, making himself a nuisance. A drive around the lake, cup of latte and a very short photo shoot, and yep,….. that’s all folks!

Please enjoy my spring pics from this weeks “Motor City Monday”!

Good luck all!




Party Like A Princess

Party Like a Princess -

We all want to create a memorable experience, but at times, it is difficult to efficiently piece together such a party. Seeking out those hard-to-find items, insuring they match the theme, and packaging all take time. What I plan on offering in one package is a unique “party” which will be remembered.

Decorations for your “bottle” service, table toppings, invitations, custom party favors, cupcake toppers, cupcake wrappers, placemats and place cards. All of these will be customized for your particular event. All you would add would be the bottles, cupcakes and guests.

Please join me on ETSY, I will soon launch my “Princess Parties” there.

Of course, you do not need to wait. If you like, please contact me via my blog!


Bicycle Time

This is a bit overdue and just like bicycle riding, but I am pedaling backwards.

The reason for my recent trip to California was to assist my brother Kelly. He had a knee surgery scheduled and was a little concerned about getting around the first week after the procedure. He hardly had the request out when I shouted of course! This would be a fun week for us. Kelly was a true champ and really no problem at all.

I loved being the nurse and helping him with his schedule. The modern technology is truly amazing; as was his surgeon, Dr. Laura (I could tell as soon as we met that she had mid-west roots). Thanks to everyone for making our day as pleasant as possible.

I was able to get my patient stable and even had some down time to spend with an old friend from Stuart, Florida who moved to San Diego some years back. It was so nice catching up after thirty years! And wow, talk about the best tour guide in San Diego!! Wendy took me to some awesome spots along with a relaxing lunch spot. As you would expect, the day slipped away too quickly.

Well, Kelly is back to work and I am sure he is missing his home heath care nurse. I’m back home and looking forward to another trip west.


Have a little faith - after all it’s holy week….

I had some concerns about not being surrounded by beautiful cookies. So I was determined to take it into my own two hands. My first thought was to obtain a great shortbread-butter cookie recipe (thank you Miss Mona and Tiff) After that I was considered dangerous in the kitchen zone. I mixed, baked, melted & tempured and here are my results. I by no means am a professional….. Or at least not quite yet! But please let me know what you think. I have faith that I did awesome this first batch. And it was made with extra love to take to my In-laws for Easter.

If only you could drop by…..free cookies!


Motor City Monday:

What’s new you ask? Well, rev up your engines and get geared up for “Motor City Mondays”

Now that time allows, I will be asking you to join with me and my Jeep every Monday. We have an open map and plenty of future destinations to visit and share. I just love a new adventure, how about you??

Today’s destination; it’s the best location for a wedding or party that you could find here in beautiful West Bloomfield. Planterra has been a fixture on Drake road for over twenty years. I finally dropped by and wow, what a face lift they’ve had! Planterra is a wholesale and retail gardening center. It’s just been in recent years that they’ve opened up to the public. Prior to that, only wholesale. It’s been in its current state for about a year and a half, please come along and take a peek with me!