My 25 dollar treasure

I'm loving the change of season and all that it brings. The crisp nights and changing colors are just beautiful. The one thing that really slows down this time of year are yard sales. I"m guessing that this will be my last buy of the season. I really like the end results and hope that you do as well.




Martha Stewart Show in NYC

It’s a good thing Mr. Truffle had vacation time…..

How it all started was the decision to apply for Martha Stewart tickets. Now girls, girls, I know what you are thinking, what would Missy from Stuart want from Martha Stewart? However, but you must give her credit, she is just fabulous in a New York way. And she has provided this writer with many clever concepts. However, I digress. The application involved an essay, which I found fun in that I’ve always wanted to meet my hero. The concern was that the show explained that only those chosen would be communicated with. No other notice would be posted. As you can imagine, I was on pins and needles for two weeks! To my pleasant surprise, I was selected!! It was like Christmas when the e-mail was posted to my mailbox. I didn’t have much time to prepare for such a special event. However, it fell into place perfectly. Mr. Truffle had time that he had to take and we were able to take advantage of a wonderful hotel, the St. James on 45th Street. Rather then fly, we opted for some together time and had a romantic road-trip across the Midwest to the City. Mr. Truffle did take me to the show, but had chosen to sit-out the event in order to leave a seat for someone who wanted to see Ms. Stewart as much as I did. While in holding room, I meet three wonderful sisters from Iowa. In the turn of events, the four of us were chosen to sit in the first rows of the studio. The show was everything I expected, except that Martha is slimmer and prettier in real-life! I had a marvelous time, if you have the chance, you must go. As a bonus, Emeril was the special guest. He provided generous gift certificates for “Emeril’s Red Marble Steaks”. I’m so thankful to my husband for such a wonderful trip to New York City. It will always be a memory for us.

Please note, I’m joining “Just A Girl’s” show and share day. Won’t you come over and take a peak?




A new season is here!

It's so sad, but as usual, I have a hard time saying goodbye to the passing season.  Fortunately, I have The Tablescaper to help me with the change in seasons. 

I know I've been AWOL, but I'm back and ready to get back to my blog.  My apologies for not keeping you informed.  I'm really a suburban chic, but was able to spend time in the city, Minneapolis!  A wonderful city, so busy and full of life.  It was a pleasure spending time with my brother who flew in from San Diego to meet me.  I really don't see my family as often as I would like to, but like many of you, we're spread apart, East, West, North & South.  I was able to drive there and being alone for the trip, was able to really look and appreciate the land which we live.  The America is a very beautiful country.  It's no coincidence much of the world is trying to live here.  With that in mind, I'm pleased that I was able to road trip, spend time in the city, & visit family.  Goodbye summer, but I look forward to inspiring you with my fall creations.