Love Story

Thirty days had September:

Don’t forget the simple things. Though he keeps me well, Mr. Truffle recently came home with a set of dishes from a garage sale. He didn’t ask, nor did I suggest it. He just felt I would like something of that sort if it was unique. I guess it’s not the stuff, nor the time, but the thought and the concern he shows for me that I most value. While we may wish for money and expensive gifts, what we really need to be happy are the simple things. You know, I wouldn’t trade Mr. Truffle for Mr. Trump. Still head over heels after all these years.

Mr. & Mrs. Truffle.
A perfect match!

Ricky & Lucy

Back in the day...

Here's to many more...
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It's all about pumpkins!

Spooky stuff!

More to come.....
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Autumn Splendor

Autumn Splendor

Happy Fall, Ya’ll. Next Sunday will be the official opening day of “31 Fab Fall Finds”. 31 days of different post featuring fall fabulousness. This will include: recipes, cider mills, decorations; all holiday inspired. Here’s 1 last look at fall stuff from the past. Check back often for Halloween fun, treats and party ideas.

I will still use some of my favorites.


Mr. Elephant, I'm sorry...you did not make the cut!

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Franklin Village, Michigan.

Starbucks, my camera and the open road:

It is hard to stay indoors when the autumn weather is this beautiful. One of my pleasures in life is grabbing a latte’ and taking a drive. Today’s choice was Franklin Village, Michigan; a very quaint, homey and welcoming community. It is still in my county, just a hop, skip and jump away. Knowing that the next season’s weather may keep us homebound, I tend to want to chat and mingle as much as possible. Follow me and I will show you a few things that this charming small town has to offer. It rather reminds me of Mayberry RFD. I often think that I would like to go back to that simpler time. How about you? If you live near Oakland county, try to make your way to Franklin Village for a fun fall day.

Coffee is my partner for today.
A cute place to eat!

Franklin Cider Mill is a must see! Their fresh cider and doughnuts are worth the trip alone.
One of the last full service gas stations, drive over the hose and it ding,dings!
Homes with curb appeal.

You must make time to stop into a few of the shops....cute, unique, items for all tastes and budgets.

Escapades owner Pam was very helpful and a fun to chat with. She offers some great discounts in her back room.
Upscale resale shoppe.

Carve out some time and get over to Franklin Village, Michigan. You'll be glad that you did!


Back to Comfort:

It is time to break out the cast iron pot and cook up some Hearty Chili! This is a perfect, easy fall dinner. Follow me as I prepare our dinner.
Mmmm, can you smell the different flavors?
Served on top of Hot, Steamy, Basmati Rice.

I chose to use Stew Meat this time.

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Fall Comfort Food

A beautiful Michigan fall day:

Fall is upon us, the first signs of are popping up. As the foliage prepares to change, so do our appetites. Here is a look at how we turn to a more comfort food eating style. i.e. meat & potatoes. Though we have had a busy week, Mr. Truffle and I plan on a nice evening. I will be serving grilled beef, baked potato & broccoli. Some good food, and a little rest before the week starts. Please check back as we get our fall on.

I will be joining the following parties this week:


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Wall Art

Pretty Tasty

Sweet and simple is what I call this cake. This will more than satisfy your sweet tooth. Take a moment out of your busy day to share something with a loved one.



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