Gotta Scrap Inn Pt.2

Gotta Scrap Smore:

It certainly didn’t seem like three days, but in reviewing the photos, it appears that I will need more then one post to walk you through that wonderful weekend. Please follow me……..

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Gotta Scrap Inn Weekend

What a weekend!

Congratulations to the Gotta Scrap Inn for providing a stellar weekend. Who knew that scrapping and slumbering could be fun as well as educational. I met so many fabulous women.

And all the pampering…..after a one hour massage and pedicure, I felt like the “diva” that every scrapper deserves to be.

My roomie could not have been a better fit. After all, we are buddies from the same scrap store.

Originally we planned to attend the weekend of her upcoming birthday, but alas, no openings. We took the earlier date and to make it special, I tossed together some birthday treats for an “early” birthday! Thank you Lori for asking me to book with you. PS, I can’t wait till next year. Glamour Room here we come.

The staff is scraptacular!!! From the food and services to the homey ambience, everything was perfect. It doesn’t get any better.

To be cont....

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Photoshop 101

Well, here we go:

I still hear bells from ringing in the New Year. How are your promises working out? Don’t lose heart, you can do it!

I’ve decided to get motivated and learn a few software programs. It’s not easy for me. I would much rather look up blogs and chat with girlfriends. However, I can do this!!! Always being a milti-tasker I believe I can tackle all the above.

So that’s what I’m focusing on, how about you?


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Blogging 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

Out with the old and in with the new. There is just something about a new, fresh, clean palette that is uplifting. Have you made yourself some promises to keep in the upcoming year? I have, though mostly the traditional ones; diet, exercise and being a better person. One important one stands out…Blogging! I want to bring more for you to enjoy so I’m focusing on learning and finding more to offer you, my readers. Thank you for all of your visits and support. Don’t be shy!!! I would love some more followers along with comments. If you like what you see, tell a friend.


All the best to you and yours.