Cont. shlepping of the pastries.

I love my pt job! Can you blame me?

Cont. shlepping of the pastries

Are you enjoying the view?

Cont. shlepping of the pastries

Life of a pastry shlepper cont.

All aboard! Our first stop is here. Grab your invoice and load up the cart.

Hello everyone,

How is the summer treating you thus far? I had promised to take you with me on a day of delivering “the Parmentier’s “ awesome pastries. Would you like to join me for a few hours? We have to be at the bakery at 8:00 am. So get a good nights rest and make yourself a good breakfast. You may want to bring your coffee in a traveler for the ride. The first thing I do is count the product and make sure that it matches the order. (this part is not for the weak, you may only look!) Next we load up the van, and off we go to some very nice markets. Oh….don’t forget to check the gas gauge!


I love my pt job!

I would love for you to come along with me for a day in my life as a Pastry Shlepper. I am putting together a field trip for you to enjoy. I’m fortunate to work for a very talented family, The Parmetiers! Be sure to check back soon for some terrific “eye candy!”



Today was a great day at the S.A.! I really enjoy the hunt of a treasure and giving an old piece a new home. On today’s mission, I had a vision before I left the house. You see Mr. Truffle came home with powder laundry soap. (Must have been on sale) I have not used powder in years! Therefore, with that in mind, I was on the lookout for a soap container. The S.A. was giving 50% off on yellow-tagged items today, lucky me the container was marked with a yellow tag. Peek at the lid, it is vented. I love that you can enjoy the smell of the soap floating out of the crock. The letters that spell out soap were on sale at my craft store. The total for this project came to $6.50 I hope you enjoyed my find as much as I did!

Let me know that you have visited by leaving a comment.



Creative evenings


I hope that everyone enjoyed the weekend! I picked up another piece to add to my Craft room and plan to show it to you later in the week. I do believe that I have made another storage area that works! I am looking for some local women that would be interested in having a creative evening in my home. We plan on scrap booking and making some fun memories. My room is small, but enough room for creating some projects along with friendships. My neighbor and I will be sharing the spot 1 night this week making greeting cards.

Leave me a comment on any idea you may have to contribute.

Enjoy the beautiful day!



Flowers, Spring

It was the most beautiful spring night here in Michigan. The birds are chirping rather loudly, and seem to be staying up late tonight. At this stage of my life, the seasons seem go way to fast. Therefore, with that in mind, I decided to sit out back and enjoy the flowers, birds and smell of spring! I hope you enjoy the view as much as I did!



Keeping busy

Hello friends,

I have been busy all week long, but I still found some time to pick up a thrift find. I found this one on CL. The size lured me in. What sealed the deal was that it came with a piece of glass for the top. Can you believe, all of this for twenty dollars? It needs a fresh coat of paint that will be for another post. Don’t you just love a great thrift find?

See you soon!