Christmas Home Tour

Dressed for the Holidays:

Tah-da! Finally the house is all dressed up and ready for the festivities to begin. Follow me as I grab a glass of eggnog and show you a bit of holiday glitz. Turn-on some Christmas music and lets get this tour started.

The colors I've selected


Up close


Do you like the colors?

The tree

Tree topper

Our mantle

The stocking is hung with care

Under the stars

Upper vingette

The chandalier gets a new doo

Miss Gingerbread

Thanks for stopping in!


I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Wishing you and yours a peaceful and joyous holiday season.

Here are a few parties I'm joining this week; please feel free to view them with me!



Birthday Cake

Holy Nutcracker:

Christmas is right around the corner and I’ve been staying busy and enjoying the holiday season.

With another candle added to my birthday cake, I’m still dwelling on that fabulous day. It started in a rather ‘Royal’ fashion. My co-workers at the patisserie presented me with a glamorous tiara and all the matching jewels. And a thank you to them for the lovely gift for my home as well!

The neighborhood Bunco game was also scheduled for that date. It was a great party. A thanks to the Ladies of Lenox Park!

Last, but oh-so-importantly, my wonderful husband. He gifted me with a super-duper awesome camera lens. My favorite? His homemade birthday cake; carrot, fresh with all natural ingredients. I had been carrying on about my talented boss, John Parmentier and his spectacular gingerbread house, well, looks like Mr. Truffle feels that there is room in Novi for two “Cake Basses”. So here is his submission of a lovely birthday cake for his fabulous wife.

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Welcome Back!

First & foremost, I’m taking a moment to reflect on my Thanksgiving. We celebrated with some of my family and had a special holiday. No matter the time nor miles that separate us, spending time with family is best. I truly feel blessed at this time of year.

Now, lets get this party started - a peek of my decorations trough a keyhole. In this economy I decided to stick with all things in my inventory (OK, so it was Mr. Truffle’s idea; but against my wishes). I’ll quit whining, but please keep checking back as I reveal more. Please join me as I visit some fabulous parties, just follow the links! http://thetablescaper.blogspot.com/

Grab a cup~O~Joe!

Orange is not a traditional christmas color...

Somehow it works...

What are your theme’s this season?

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I love to party!

I'm getting ready to submit a few of my holiday creations. Stay tuned for some "holidazzle"