Good Evening:

Mr. & Mrs. Truffle here. We would like to know if you are enjoying our 31 days of fall fabulousness. If so, please let us know! Mrs. Truffle has caught the “bug” somehow and is feeling a tad like death. However, the show must go on. The front entryway is always a work in process, so this is a peek at today’s look. I have yet to spend a nickel on it. Shopping my inventory is what it’s all about while I deal with the flu. Also, with this freakishly warm weather here in Michigan, a few of our plants are still in bloom. Hoping for one more week before they get thrown out. Enjoy your fall season & see you tomorrow!

The last look at summer.

The Truffles entry way.

Fall is very welcoming!

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  1. I'm most definitely enjoying the 31 days of fall fabulousness! Mrs. Truffle you are looking a tad bit pale, please do take care of yourself. Your entry looks lovely! Very inviting!!