October Bunco 2011

Bunco in the pumpkin patch

Finally, the night has come to get together with my neighborhood Bunco group. Yes, the game is fun, and there is always much to talk about while playing. During the game, we were able to plan the upcoming holiday dinner. There was also a discussion of all the new neighbors and requests to join our group. We agreed there was need for a second Bunco group.

Traditional table snacks.
 We never lack for conversation! All enjoyed great food and beverages, along with a million laughs. I have awesome neighbors, and always have loved entertaining. If you are in a Bunco group, check out Tara Reeds WWW.Printyourownbunco.com. Be sure to tell her I sent you. Check back tomorrow to see more of the party.
Yummy stuff!

I am loving my $19.99 (HG) beverage bucket!

Mr. Pumpkin Torch is happy it's still warm

Fun cock
tail napkins are a must!

Witches Brew for all!

Orange pop a Halloween must have!
More to come.....


  1. It looks like fun! Wish I was local so I could come too!

  2. Mr. Pumpkin torch is adorable! Your house is lovely. And such yummy looking treats! Looks like a fun place to roll the dice! :)

  3. You are so spectacular at decorating and that food...I'm speechless! Wish there were a Bunco group around here. Never played.