Day Six; Scent-sational Fall:

Decorating does cover all the senses. I especially love the fall scents of apple, cinnamon, pumpkin and even burning leaves (remember!).

Today I took a quick trip to Bath and Bodyworks. I found many temptations, but kept to my budget. I’ve transformed the ambiance of the home with a number of nice candles and air fresheners. If you shop the sale, it doesn’t take much to get the home smelling seasonal.

I also reviewed my Halloween boxes from years past. If you keep them labeled, it makes it easy to pick and choose. I’m starting out simply, and adding to it every week to keep it fresh. Take a peek at where I am this week with the front entry.

Mr. pumpkin.

Inspire any room with seasonal fragrance.

Spice things up!

Do you use Fall Flavors in your home?

Quick and easy.

I need to make Apple Crisp....

Holiday foliage.

How do you prepare for the holidays?

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