Treasure hunting

Another Week, isn’t it always Friday night??

We found ourselves heading out to the thrifts’. We are fortunate that there are many in our area. I wasn’t looking for anything specific, just looking for something interesting. Mrs.
Truffle let the day slip away and we headed out a little later then planned. We did hit a few near closing, hence a short venture. As a reward for making it out, we stopped at an outdoor bistro for an appetizer and a glass of wine. Take a look at what we found……..

Hugz Shannon


Summer Sundays

What summer means to me

I’m joining in on the Tablescaper’s summer Sunday meme. Thanks for hosting such a fabulous party.

Sunday Dinner, Saturday night. Don’t you just love summer where you can just fly by the seat of your pants? Something about when the schedule gets busy things get turned around. We committed to helping friends clean-up their deck on Saturday, but due to the rain, we switched it to Sunday. This is where we made the swap. Sunday turned out beautiful, clear skies and temperature in the 80’s. Though we were cleaning a well-worn deck, our friends needed the help, and we turned it into a challenge. Much mold and stains. To our pleasant surprise, we were able to bring the cedar back. We also had the satisfaction of helping. Reach out and help your friends and neighbors, it is a good thing!

Hugz Shannon


I'm hosting bunco in October

It’s never to early to get your party on………

Make it easy on yourself for the upcoming holiday, it’s snap if you are properly prepared. Halloween may seem like it’s in the distance, but on these rainy nights get your holiday craft going. Take a peek at my upcoming bunco night party favors (to include candy), and tomorrow night I will show you how.

Hugz Shannon


Celebrate the simple things.

On the menu this evening at the Truffle Inn was a simple home-style traditional meatloaf dinner. It was accompanied by hot steamy mashed potatoes dripping with butter. Add sweet tender peas and a salad and you have your meal. Some of the simplest meals make the best memories.

What’s your favorite home-style meal?

Hugz Shannon


The Pastry Shlepper

A Tale of Humpty Dumpty

Mrs. Truffle is a little under the weather this evening. All was not well with the pastry run today. The truck was filled with cakes, pastries and such which were to be desserts for many families here in Southeast Michigan. However due to a slight angle and a healthy wheel, we lost near dozen of our beautiful cakes.


Shannon  : (


Summer adventure

We could not decide on today’s summer adventure. Mrs. Truffle wanted to thrift while Mr. Truffle had a wine tour in mind. If I have learned anything in my five and a half years of marriage is compromise. Somehow, we managed to enjoy everything we do together. We started with a resale thrift store in Northville Michigan. I found a few items, but nothing that I absolutely had to have today. Therefore, I left it all there. I will revisit again soon without Mr. Truffle, the cost analyst.

We then moved on to Main Street in Northville. We happened onto “Simply Wine”, a wonderful new shop catering to the wine enthusiast. Here one found much more then the standard grocery store varieties. Europe, California, South America and a wide variety of Michigan wines are offered. Wine samples are offered daily. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Note that though no food is served, they allow you to bring in snacks to accompany your wine sampling.

Summer jaunts do not require travel, local destinations can provide adventure.

Hugz, Shannon


Creating for a friend.

Robyn loves to cook; she has provided me so much in terms of help and recipes. I wanted to do something, but rather then buying something, I wanted to make it personal; I decided to create a short personalized cookbook…. I hope that she enjoys it as much as I had fun making it. Sometimes life’s simple things mean the most. Take a moment and make someone’s day by doing something special for him or her. It means the most when it comes from the heart.


Shannon  : )


Keeping cool this summer.

How are you staying cool this summer?

I’d like to share an easy recipe with you to help.

It tastes as good as it looks, I guarantee!


Fresh fruit

i.e.; blueberry, bananas, strawberries.


Half n half (or low-fat milk, yogurt or what you please)

Simply combine blend and top off some tall glasses.

Relax and enjoy!

Shannon : )


What summer means to me.

A Sunday drive into the country.

It has been a hot weekend, so we definitely used the A/C, no driving with the windows open.

We were undecided as to destination or route, so we simply headed northwest.

Walled lake looked beautiful; we looped it prior towards heading further out of town.

It then occurred to me of today’s date. I quickly alerted Mr. Truffle to pull over into the next 7Eleven store. FREE Slurpies!

The rolling hills and winding roads were a pleasure compared to the city driving we normally experience.

We ended our drive with a nice meal out. Our server, Lindsey, was excellent!

Enjoy the pics,