Motor City Monday

And off we go on another Motor City Monday!

Start your engine and follow my path as I blaze through the community. Do you enjoy taking a drive just to see what you can see?

Today’s venture was rather short due to Michigan’s spring weather. Though I am pleased I took the time to get out. I really enjoyed seeing the beautiful bright yellow tulips swaying in the wind.


Though very sunny, Mr. Wind was really blowing and howling today, making himself a nuisance. A drive around the lake, cup of latte and a very short photo shoot, and yep,….. that’s all folks!

Please enjoy my spring pics from this weeks “Motor City Monday”!

Good luck all!




  1. "beep-beep" I'm ready to go! Hey...where's my latte? Cheerful spring flowers! :) Thank you for brightening my day.

  2. You brighten my day with each comment you leave me....beep beep, here I come. whole, 2%, or skim???