Motor City Monday:

What’s new you ask? Well, rev up your engines and get geared up for “Motor City Mondays”

Now that time allows, I will be asking you to join with me and my Jeep every Monday. We have an open map and plenty of future destinations to visit and share. I just love a new adventure, how about you??

Today’s destination; it’s the best location for a wedding or party that you could find here in beautiful West Bloomfield. Planterra has been a fixture on Drake road for over twenty years. I finally dropped by and wow, what a face lift they’ve had! Planterra is a wholesale and retail gardening center. It’s just been in recent years that they’ve opened up to the public. Prior to that, only wholesale. It’s been in its current state for about a year and a half, please come along and take a peek with me!



  1. What a fun location to visit! Thanks for allowing me to ride along. :)

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  3. Mona, the Bug is from our era. : )


  4. Beautiful photos..I'm a new follower..Thanks for coming by! See you soon!!!