Have a little faith - after all it’s holy week….

I had some concerns about not being surrounded by beautiful cookies. So I was determined to take it into my own two hands. My first thought was to obtain a great shortbread-butter cookie recipe (thank you Miss Mona and Tiff) After that I was considered dangerous in the kitchen zone. I mixed, baked, melted & tempured and here are my results. I by no means am a professional….. Or at least not quite yet! But please let me know what you think. I have faith that I did awesome this first batch. And it was made with extra love to take to my In-laws for Easter.

If only you could drop by…..free cookies!


  1. So sweet! Mmmm...they look yummy. I love the little yellow teapot!! Good job Shannon! :)

  2. Awesome Shannon, seriously you could workout of our home, Shannon's Bakery!!! and have people pick up their goodies, then you don't have to worry about a refrigerated truck, or some peoples case, no refrigerated truck, lmao :) Your the bomb diggity!!

  3. I guess your blog is pretty cool,as far as girlie stuff goes. I can guarantee the loss of my "man card" if anyone knows I visit this site. And it seems you must be an awesome sister to wait hand and foot on brother Kelly. The fact that he lives in Cali probably didn't deter you much. I know feel obligated to go watch football or something after "getting into truffle".