Bicycle Time

This is a bit overdue and just like bicycle riding, but I am pedaling backwards.

The reason for my recent trip to California was to assist my brother Kelly. He had a knee surgery scheduled and was a little concerned about getting around the first week after the procedure. He hardly had the request out when I shouted of course! This would be a fun week for us. Kelly was a true champ and really no problem at all.

I loved being the nurse and helping him with his schedule. The modern technology is truly amazing; as was his surgeon, Dr. Laura (I could tell as soon as we met that she had mid-west roots). Thanks to everyone for making our day as pleasant as possible.

I was able to get my patient stable and even had some down time to spend with an old friend from Stuart, Florida who moved to San Diego some years back. It was so nice catching up after thirty years! And wow, talk about the best tour guide in San Diego!! Wendy took me to some awesome spots along with a relaxing lunch spot. As you would expect, the day slipped away too quickly.

Well, Kelly is back to work and I am sure he is missing his home heath care nurse. I’m back home and looking forward to another trip west.


  1. It that your bicycle? California sunshine is wonderful. :)

  2. Love the pictures, the one of the hotel in LaJolla we stayed across the street. Want the outdoor furniture and lamp :) Looks like you had an awesome time and your brother is one lucky guy :)

  3. Lucky brother to have such a nurse.

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    - The Tablescaper