Not as easy as it looks.....

Due to high demand, I was asked to help inside the bakery! For those that are new, I transport pastries for a local bakery. Last week, due to demand, I helped decorate the wonderful cookies they produce. Now to be sure, I am in no way as talented as the other bakers, and I must say I was quite proud (and nervous) at being asked. Mr. Parmy provided some guidance, then stepped back and observed. After completing seven hours on my feet (as opposed to on my seat in the delivery truck) I have a whole new respect for the effort that goes into our pastries. It was very nice rubbing elbows with the culinary crew. We worked as one happy family. Though not as fast as the Keebler elves, we certainly have as much fun.



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  1. Y'all look like happy elves! :) The pretty pastel cookies look yummy!!