Treasure hunting

Another Week, isn’t it always Friday night??

We found ourselves heading out to the thrifts’. We are fortunate that there are many in our area. I wasn’t looking for anything specific, just looking for something interesting. Mrs.
Truffle let the day slip away and we headed out a little later then planned. We did hit a few near closing, hence a short venture. As a reward for making it out, we stopped at an outdoor bistro for an appetizer and a glass of wine. Take a look at what we found……..

Hugz Shannon


  1. You have some lovely locations at which to treasure hunt!

  2. Thank you, Mona. It would be wonderful to get together and have a day of lunch and thrifting!

  3. On the rare occasion that there's money in my wallet and no children in my car, I love to stop by a good thrift store too! I followed you back. Thanks!