Manchester, Michigan.

My favorite things (about Manchester Michigan):

1) Gotta-Scrap-Inn.

2) The beautiful country drive.

3) Gotta-Scrap-Inn.

4) A stop at Plum Market.

5) Gotta-Scrap-Inn.

6) Spending the day creating, socializing, and eating well!

7) Gotta-Scrap-Inn.

8) The local Dairy Queen.

9) Gotta-Scrap-Inn.

10) A good old home-town USA!

I waited till Wednesday for my little venture into the country. It coincides with my favorite Wednesday of the month; I get to go scrapping in Manchester Michigan once a month, on the last Wednesday! Yeah!

As usual, I was able to relax in a wonderful atmosphere of creativity with like-minded women, but….it was a most beautiful Michigan summer’s day and the pool was open!

(Can you believe that Scrapping and Pool-side leisure pair so well!)

What draws me to the “Inn” is the pampering and quality of service provided. Spa-like, but worth every calorie indulged. Thanks Amy & Sandy!

What is most unusual, within an hour, I can go from the hustle of Detroit to another time and another era. Manchester is really a beautiful place to visit. Join me………


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  1. I LOVE GOTTA SCRAP INN!! It's one of my favorite places to scrap and Amy the owner is such a nice person!! Can't wait to go in January for a weekender!! The food is FAB, the accomodations are plush, everything is all around FANTASTIC!!!