Bestie Appreciation

Motor City Monday #8:

Dark, gloomy & lots of rain! My Motor City Monday is a bit different today. This is a stay-in kinda day. But, what will I share with my people? A special letter to one of my favorite fans, Ms. Mona. This is a tribute to you.

Dear Mona: Blogging has been more then writing posts; I’ve met some great friends along the way. I can always count on you for comments and positive suggestions. You’ve contributed to the look of my site more then you realize. Then I found you were a fellow Lilly-lover and I realized we must be sisters. I appreciate your thoughtfulness. My only complaint is that we live to far apart to meet for a morning coffee break. (I know, you prefer tea!)

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  1. Awww sis...you've warmed my heart and left me speechless. And we both know that seldom happens. LOL! Thank for for the heartfelt shout out!! It means more than you'll ever know. Sending you a big hug and smiles across the miles!