Wedding Scrapbooking

Motor City Monday Errands…..


I was late, for a very important date. Actually an anniversary. A year ago a wonderful young couple married. I’ve been friends with Mom for longer then I will admit (remember bellbottoms?).

I completed a scrap book of their wedding and had to get it out today; so it was up, up and away first thing this morning to FedEx.

Take a quick look with me at how I tried to make the book special for them. Note the colors, texture and lines within the pages.

Aren’t they a cute couple! Anne was a knock-out in her figure flattering dress. Isn’t Glen the lucky guy? The food was five-star and the music would have done Motown proud.





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  1. Very nice! I'll send you my wedding photos so you can make me a book

  2. Beautiful scrapbook! I'm sure the bride & groom will treasure it!!