Here’s the scoop, I normally don’t use coupons. There’s the gluten issue, but more importantly, we try to shop for ingredients to cook rather then processed foods or prepared meals.

I receive coupon offers via e-mail. Normally they are ignored, but last week I decided to respond to a regional supermarket’s offer and what a pleasant surprise.

This is the story of modern marketing. You see sale items at this store are only honored if you use their store issued card at time of purchase. It is a tool which the market uses to compile information on who shops at which of their stores and monitors what the customer’s preferences are.

My response to the supermarket brought a pile of store issued coupons on items I normally purchase. Much nicer then looking at the Sunday paper hoping to find a coupon for what you need for the week.




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  1. Oh that's a very good thing in today's economy! :)

  2. Fellow SITSer here! Thanks for visiting Growing Kids Ministry. I love homemaking blogs! Right now I'm at a conference, so I'll be blogging live on family ministry if you want to follow along!

  3. I'm a couponer not one of those that has $400 dollars of items in her cart and get's them for under $10, but I try to cut coupons for things that I need, especially OTC (over the counter) medications, you can save significantly. But the coupons from the store above that you have pictured I love getting for the same reasons, they are for things that I normally use and with kids, yeah, we purchase mac-n-cheese and the sort :) Great post girlfriend!