Spice Girls

Hi All, and Welcome!

It is great to be writing again. I have had some adjustments to make here and I am making the best of it by jumping in and reorganizing the home nest and claiming my home life again.

My girlfriend Jen (

www.momstew.com ) and I have created a twenty-one day home de-cluttering challenge! ………um, with weekends off; oh, and Jen’s birthday is March 12th, so well, that’s off too. But otherwise, it’s a twenty-one day challenge!

Grab your garbage bag and join us. Together we will make Spring Cleaning a breeze, leaving us more time for fun. Every other day I will pick an area; Jen does the same on the even days. Day 1 (March 5th) is Today! We decided together to be the “Spice Girls”. Cleaning out, and redoing our kitchen’s spice area. Take a peek, even better, join in our challenge. Be sure and show us yours after all, we’ve shown you ours. What do you think?






PS, It’s also fun to peek into each other’s styles (and stuff). I can’t wait to ask Jen for her “Zip Sauce” recipe. I noticed a jar in her spice shelf. It is a local favorite here in the Detroit area.

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  1. Look's so nice when spices are in order .Remind's me of Sleeping with the enemy movie.lol