Messy Mail

And we’ve only just begun:

Today’s area was my pick. I’ve decided to work on the kitchen’s drop-box. You know, that end of the counter where everything gets piling up on (and on)!

You know how it goes, Mr. Truffle likes to have important stuff laying someplace where he will see it and address it at the appropriate time. My issue is not wanting to look at it, so I find a drawer to put it, but seems that important bills or notices get mixed up with junk mail and at times, we’ve really had some issues losing some “important” items. Finally, we came up with a solution. I picked up an attractive container where Mr. Truffle can place the important stuff, leaving me in charge of everything else. Well, it seems to work for him.

Have you had a chance to check out Jen (

www.momstew.com )? I believe she’s been quite busy. Take a peek and let me know what you think.

So, come on girls, grab your apron and join us!

Good luck all!

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  1. I'm sending this hug to Jen for all the support and motivation!!! I thank you!