Scrap Pajama Party

Scrap Pajama Party:

I was excited about the Party I was attending, envisioning my scap-book friends all in their PJ’s’ with curlers in their hair and a stack of 45’s to play on the stereo. Much to my surprise, when I entered the building I saw no one in their pajama’s. At first, I thought, “maybe this isn’t the right party.” Then, when I got to my table, I found two other’s who were similarly dressed. Yes, sock-monkey did insist on attending; he stowed-away in the Cricut case. Of course, he entertained all. Scrappy Chic is a wonderful place to scrap. They provide dinner, a raffle for prizes, and snacks (of course some bring extra to share as treats). I’ve had plenty of laughs and made many friends. Take a peek at my work.



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  1. WOW! What a fun post!! Sock monkey...pink polka-dot pj's, cookies that were too pretty to eat...and your scrapbook gets yummier with each turning page!

  2. These are great beginnings of a fun and fantastic blog.... I really enjoyed seeing sock monkeys journey out... what fun... It looks like your on the right track!! Thanks for sharing your new and wonderful blog with all of us!