I have the best brother!

Miles apart, but sometimes,

We don’t get to see each other much, but at times, it works out. My brother came by a few weeks ago from San Diego. In honor of our Mother, for Mother’s day, we spent twelve hours at the local scrapbook shop working on a couple of books about her. Though twelve hours scrap booking may seem excessive to the general population, we worked hard, had a great luncheon, then met Mr. Truffle for dinner. At the end of the session, we had the books all but complete. Of course, I did insist on continuing after we got home that night. By noon the next day I believe my brother was rather tired of scrapping. Who would have thought?



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  1. Soooo...the secret to getting brothers to scrapbook is stopping for cocktails first? ;) Look at those amazing punches you have!! It appears you had an lovely visit. I'm happy for you Shannon. :)

  2. love all the pics of you and Kelly Knowing both of you when you were little I never would have pictured you scrapbooking!!! The cousins grew up!!