A day in the life….

A day in the life….

Remember in the summer when I described what it was like to be a pastry schlepper? I am sure you all thought I had a cake job. However, won’t you take a minute or two and join me on my route today. You must bundle up tight; the temperatures will be around 8 degrees, with a wind chill factor taking this below zero Fahrenheit. The Van and I normally get along great, but today I had to leave the girl behind. Instead, I drove my Jeep Liberty. There is a snowstorm you know. I dropped it into 4-wheel drive and got along just fine. Neither wind rain, hail nor snow will keep me from delivering the Parmentier’s heavenly delights. I even had a great time doing it. Never got stuck once!


  1. A winter wonderland!! Adorable gingy cookies! Come in out of the cold and let's have some of those adorable cookies with our hot cocoa by the crackling fire.