Road tripping

I’m late, I’m late, to a very important date!

Mr. Truffle was caught up in a work project, and I was late for a very important wedding date four states away. But wait, I do have a date, I’ll take my little sock-monkey on this very important date. So it was off to Minneapolis the home of Mary Tyler-Moore. And Sock-Monkey was very excited. We whipped down I-94, but did take a break in Wisconsin at a Holiday Inn. We spent the evening watching the Red Wings on TV. In Minneapolis, we visited an old high school friend for a few days, then ended up down-town on the 20th floor at the Hyatt. And oh did Sock-Monkey love the view. He had never been up so high before. When he called home, he told Mr Truffle that he wanted a place in the sky just like it. The wedding was more beautiful then he imagined. He got to dance with the Bride and she kissed him! Of course he took many photos of the trip. He hopes you enjoy them. Of course we both got home-sick. Was it ever nice to get home-sweet-home. We missed Mr. Truffle so.



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